The mPiano

Check out this amazing keyboard created in partnership with Porsche Design. Head over to the Verge to learn more about this wild keyboard that has Lady Gaga written all over it. If I had a few thousand dollars to burn, this might be a little it tempting. Shame about the companion app, though. So many gradients.

Regarding Shaped Notes

If you’ve done any congregational singing among more traditional American churches, chances are you’ve run across something like this at some point: Instead of customary note heads, every pitch has a unique shape. Ironically enough, a trained musician may find this system disconcerting because they may have never encountered this method of notation in any […]

Why Use C-Flat?

Note: I’ve noticed that this post looks just fine in most browsers, but Internet Explorer may have a hard time with the flat and sharp symbols in the text. Not misfit notes…just misunderstood. A Little Background To understand why C♭ is such an odd note, you have to understand a little about musical pitches, and the […]

A New Beginning

I started blogging close to 15 years ago now. At first, I was using an application called RapidWeaver to publish to my .Mac account. After a while, that became unsustainable. A few years in, it looked like Apple was going to stop hosting personal sites (which they did). Also, RapidWeaver had to upload my whole […]