The Laddie Wha Lived

The Independent: The Scots version of Harry Potter is the 80th translation of the book and it’s incredible

In the translation, Hufflepuff has become ‘Hechlepech’ while Ravenclaw is now ‘Corbieclook.’ The sport of Quidditch is now Bizzumbaw, a “bizzum” is a broom and a ball is now “baw.”

It’s also worth noting that Albus Dumbledore, who has been renamed Dumbiedykes, is still one of the few characters brave enough to call Voldemort (ooh we said it) by his name – but in the Scots book, it’s safer to call him You-Ken-Wha.

Harry Potter, of course, has a strong connection to Scotland – author J.K. Rowling wrote the books in cafes around Edinburgh.

Be sure to visit the link for pictures of the translation.

From this day forward, I am House Corbieclook.