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A New Beginning

I started blogging close to 15 years ago now. At first, I was using an application called RapidWeaver to publish to my .Mac account. After a while, that became unsustainable. A few years in, it looked like Apple was going to stop hosting personal sites (which they did). Also, RapidWeaver had to upload my whole site every time I wrote a new post. I doubt it still functions that way, but, at the time, it was making adding new content a cumbersome and slow process. It was time for a change.

In 2009, I moved my writing to WordPress, and there it’s lived ever since. Over the years, I’ve written about a lot of different things — some more thoughtfully than others. I’ve even written a few things that I don’t really want to represent me anymore. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about good web practices and accessibility since those early days. With the amount of remediation I wanted to do, I was feeling paralyzed. I simply stopped writing because the thought of fixing my site was too overwhelming. It was time for another change.

So I’m starting fresh. I’ve archived every post. While working on new content, I’ll also be going through the old. I’ll be restoring some of my past posts while leaving others behind. Hopefully, this new beginning will motivate me to get writing again, and I hope my writing manages to connect with you in some helpful, entertaining, or meaningful way.

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