Why Apple Is Still Sweating the Details On the iMac

Why Apple Is Still Sweating the Details On the iMac

The solution was to reshape the high density polyethylene (HDPE) feet. “By actually riding more on the edge this time it was a better experience,” says Bergeron. “Geometry turned out to be the variable that dominated the experience.” After creating runners made of several new mixes, the team organized a bake-off to choose the best one. Ternus explains that the process “involves getting a core group of people from engineering and design together and looking at different samples and saying, ‘Yeah, this is the one, this sounds right!’ And then we go for it.”

And then they go for it again. “Even after all these years with Mac, there’s so much to do,” says Croll. “It’s almost like a roller coaster, where you get off, and then run to the front to do it again. There’s so much more to do.” As you’d expect, work is well underway for the next iMac iteration.

If you’ve ever used Apple’s hardware and then switched back to PC gear, you see this attention to detail — especially in their trackpads. One of those intangibles that keeps me coming back to Apple time and again is that their stuff quite simply feels better.

As an aside, it’s been (I think) almost ten years since I’ve even owned a desktop. These new iMacs might change that.


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