The Jony Ive Principle

The Jony Ive Principle

Maybe it’s time we do what Jony does and focus on the things we probably can’t directly put a number on at the moment, or discern from a testimonial in a user test?

Maybe we should spend time on figuring out what really…REALLY matters to us and to the people who use the products we make, instead of throwing a bunch of darts at the board and see what sticks?

Maybe the reason all of our product design looks the same is because all of us are trying to quickly ship something and don’t want to take the time out to really dig deeply into the problem we want to solve. So we follow the same design patterns and we churn out the same soulless generic crap.

It’s the intangibles that set some products in a separate category from others. Those intangibles may only apply to a niche audience, but it’s those niches that keep product lines alive far after their technically superior competitors have moved on. That’s why you can skill get a Mac but not an Aptiva. That’s why you can still get a Nintendo console but not a NeoGeo.


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