Revisiting Child-Friendly Fonts

About a month ago, I wrote a post about child-friendly fonts and made a couple of suggestions for fonts to use in teacher-created materials. Since then, I’ve come across a couple more typefaces that may prove helpful.

HDV Comic Serif Pro

HVD Comic Serif Pro is available as a free download from It’s specifically designed as an alternative to Comic Sans. It comes in OTF format, which works fine in most word processors and it comes with comprehensive glyph support. Of the fonts I’ve looked at so far, this one is my favorite.

Apple Casual

Apple Casual is already included in Mac OS X as part of Inkwell. In font menus, it’s just called Casual, but there’s a chance it won’t be listed. (See this page on Wikipedia about locations of more hidden fonts in OS X.) If that’s the case, do a Spotlight search for “Apple Casual,” and double-click the file called AppleCasual.dfont to install the font.

Installing Fonts on Windows XP

Installing a font on Mac OS X is easy. Download it, double-click on it, and you’re done. Unfortunately, I can’t provide comprehensive instructions on installing fonts on all systems, but here are the proverbial hoops I jumped through to install the fonts on Windows XP at work:

  • Choose Run from the Start Menu, and type “%windir%\fonts” into the dialog box. Click “OK.”

  • Select “Install New Font” from the File Menu.
  • Browse for the font using the Drive and Folders boxes.
  • Select the font from the List of Fonts Box.

  • Make sure “Copy Fonts to Fonts Folder” is checked. Then click “OK.”

Note: I’ve updated this post with screenshots from my Windows machine. I hope these resources continue to help.