Laptops Together

Way back in January, we picked up a shiny MacBook Pro to replace my aging PowerBook G3. I finally managed to get ahold of my wife’s digital camera to take some quick pictures comparing the two laptops. The quality of these pictures is evidence as to why the wife doesn’t let me touch cameras often…

First up, here we have the two laying right next to each other with lids closed. Even in its old age, the PowerBook has some nice curves going for it. By the way, if you look closely, you’ll see that the MacBook Pro is facing the opposite direction! I made this mistake because…

…the PowerBook’s logo is upside down when opened! Incidentally, my model of PowerBook was the last laptop Apple built with the “flipped” logo. Also, you can see that the PowerBook has a much taller screen, and the MacBook Pro’s hinge is flush with the bottom of the computer.

Stacked atop the MacBook Pro, the PowerBook exceeds the depth of the former but is not quite as wide. In the close-up of the hinges it’s easy to see how much thinner the MacBook Pro is – only about as thick as the bottom portion of the PowerBook. (And the PowerBook is slimmer than many other laptops around!)

The MacBook Pro’s screen is much brighter and crisper, and the illuminated keyboard is great for working in low-light environments. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t quite show off the keyboard as much as I would have liked. Additionally, if these pictures were larger, you would be able to see damage on the PowerBook down by its smaller track-pad. (It took seven years for the case to finally begin to crack!)

That wraps up this picture post. The amazing thing about the PowerBook G3 is that I’m still using it to manage audio files for my music classes, programs, and choir. I wonder if my new MacBook Pro will still be useful that far down the line!