Digital Weight Loss

Usually, I would just stick something like this in my Links List, but this one actually makes me want to jump up on a soapbox.

A new HP camera is actually being marketed with the idea that it can slim the subject of the photograph. Yes, friends, if you think your significant other is just too heavy looking in a shot on your vacation, no problem! Merely adjust a slider, and you can help him or her virtually shed unnecessary pounds! Here are some shots of it in action (straight off HP’s site):



Now let’s take some notes:

  • The models on HP’s site are only females – talk about gender stereotyping.
  • The models look fine as they are. HP marketing is essentially saying healthy-looking women are in need of slimming, so you must be too.
  • Can we talk about social pressures regarding anorexia at this point?

I may be a bit harsh here (which, you have to admit, is very unusual for me), but this whole concept is being promoted in a very irresponsible way. “You are not good enough. You look fat on film. Let us fix you.” I can admit that, by and large, many Americans are overweight. Even I’m not as fit as I could be, but is this how we need to solve the problem? Are we so incapable of caring for ourselves that we need to artificially create better selves? I hope not.

Stuff like this just boggles me. All this really does is vertically stretch the entire picture, but it just makes me a little sick-to-the-stomach that somewhere another boardroom has made a decision that only further exploits weight insecurities (specifically in women) at both extremes. I am no boycotter, but when we get a digital camera, I doubt it will be a HP right now.

P.S. Also, Jason Fried of 37 Signals has written a post about this “feature.”