Happy Birthday Apple

I used to be a Mac-hater – honestly. I remember thinking of the Mac as a “toy” that couldn’t run most programs, nor would my files be compatible with it because it couldn’t run Windows 95, which was, to me, the pinnacle of all things computing at the time. Please understand, I was in my teens at time, and Apple was in its darkest hours. All Apple press was bad press. Yes, I was a teen in the 90s.

I remember seeing this poster my freshman year of college and thinking,”How lame. That has to be about the most hideous computer I’ve ever seen.”

Then I took a long hard look at my IBM Aptiva. It was no looker either. In fact, it took up a whole lot more desk space than that iMac would. Furthermore, I began using the Macs on campus more and more. I even found myself beginning to make excuses to use the lab PowerMac G3s (not the blue & whites) rather than my home machine. I began messing with the iMacs on display at CompUSA, and the pretty colors of the revised iMacs became all the more mesmerizing.

Finally, in 2000 I got my first Mac: a graphite iMac with a 400 MHz G3 processor. A G3 PowerBook soon followed and became home to all my college assignments. (In retrospect, I could have probably made due with only the PowerBook, but my limited computer knowledge of the time never suggested that a laptop could have replaced a desktop.)

Even after a couple months of experience on the machines, I have to admit I was not necessarily completely sold on being a repeat customer. Mac OS 9 was fun and all, but it didn’t give me anything Windows 9x really lacked – well, other than not being completely hideous, a problem that plagues Windows to this day. However, I became sold the minute I got my hands on the Public Beta of Mac OS X. My iMac would not transition until Jaguar, but my PowerBook has been an OS X machine from the moment the Public Beta hit my doorstep.

Since then, I have used every release of Mac OS X. I am an iLife and an iWork junkie, and I am currently the proud owner of A PowerMac G5 (1.8 GHz SP, 900 MHz FSB). Surprisingly enough, the G3 PowerBook I mention in recent posts is that same G3 from 6 years ago, and that 6-year-old iMac? It currently resides with my wife’s grandparents as their web browsing and email machine, and it probably still has some life left in it. The iMac is running OS X 10.3.9, and the PBG3 is running OS X 10.4.5. I wonder how many 6-year-old PCs are running XP SP2?

So will my next computer be a Mac? Do you really have to ask? My laptop is in bad need of replacement (as I’ve done everything in my power to run it onto the ground), and I’ve even resorted to packing my G5 up when giving important presentations. I just can’t seem to trust my old PBG3 to make through an intensive Keynote slideshow anymore – something about the app requiring a G4 processor. Needless to say, the new Core Duo MacBook Pro is looking very attractive indeed.

Apple is turning 30, and I’ve been a Mac user for one-fifth of that time. Here’s to many more years of insanely-great products that dare to think different.