The Beginning of the End…

… For brushed metal windows, that is.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun a little bit here, but the first thing I noticed about iTunes 5 is that it no longer sports a brushed window. It looks mildly like the unified approach that Mail 2 sports, though considerably darker. Still, it proves that there is hope for Apple and their windows yet.

Now mind you, I don’t overly dislike brushed metal windows. In fact, Max Rudberg’s Brushed theme for ShapeShifter used to get pretty frequent use from me. I just don’t like the inconsistent use of brushed metal through Apple’s applications. Hopefully, this is evidence that Apple is heading toward a more consistent Aqua interface in future OS releases. (Come on, you know you want to kill the brushed metal Finder, Apple!)

As an aside, the iPod nano may just become my first iPod. That thing is (cue East Coast accent) wicked cool!